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Click the "Browsed" button beneath a red "X" and navigate to your folder on the computer where the image is saved. Though Craigslist is usually a valuable, legitimate marketplace, they have its share search all of craigslist fraud along with links you need to avoid clicking. Spam should appear, however the sender never knows your actual email address contact information so long since you don’t respond. According to La - Pedis, while there isn't rule for listing the rate of something, you'll be able to get a broad sense with the correct price tag by researching prices of similar items listed. However, Craigslist sellers can follow some steps to make sure their personal and financial safety. So you could look there and find out that yes their cost is actually very competitive. If you're looking to buy next must-have item from Craigslist, be bound to consider the various payment options at hand. If you ever want to work with Craigslist again, bring your "A game" to abuse@craigslist.