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How marketplaces can help you "borrow an audience" and produce higher-top quality leads. Concepts on how to leverage current marketplaces. Well, I know Kevin, and I know that he’s a high worth .NET freelancer. So admittedly, I was a little confused at first… why would a seasoned consultant ever agree to sell a service of his (in this case, proposal critique and auditing) for the cost of a hamburger? Now, I’m just going to state the apparent: I’m not a fan of Fiverr at all. five sends the incorrect signal, especially if you program on working with Fiverr as fiverr a platform fiverr for lead generation. But regardless of my feelings toward Fiverr as a marketplace, now I want to concentrate on my thoughts around promoting an "Expendable Offering", and also how you can leverage marketplaces for lead generation. What is an Expendable Supplying?
Lately I highlighted a couple of consultants who had effectively produced products of their time.